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Building with Urbis Infill Homes

Urbis Infill Homes takes such pride in offering homeowners an unparalleled custom home-building experience. With so much at stake, we believe people shouldn’t have to compromise—and our proven design and construction process means they don’t have to.


PHASE 1 | CHOOSING US: Meet our Sales Team

  • Full Service Designer & Builder

  • Award Winning Architect Driven Design & Construction

  • Interior Design In-House

  • Notable Reputation of Quality & Integrity in Construction

  • Commitment to Time & Budget

Mike Arndt, Owner & Partner

Mike Arndt, Owner & Partner

Rick Arndt, Architect AAA, MRAIC, Owner & Partner

Rick Arndt, Architect AAA, MRAIC, Owner & Partner

PHASE 2 | PROJECT INTRO: Meet our Architecture Team (approx. 1 month*)

  • Review of Site Information

  • Review of House Inspiration Precedent Imagery

  • General Discussions of Priorities & Design Intent

  • Establishing the Budget

  • Initial Design Concepting


PHASE 3 | DESIGN: Work w/ our Architecture Team (approx. 2 to 3 months*)

  • Schematic Design

  • Permit Drawings

  • Working Drawings

  • Final Review and Sign off


-------- PERMITS (approx. 3 months*): -------------

Phase 4.JPG

PHASE 4 | INTERIOR DESIGN & SPECS: Work w/ our Interior Design & Project Coordination Team (approx. 3 months)

  • Interior Design & Materials Vision

  • Establishing Allowances

  • Interior Design & Materials Concept

  • Finish & Material Selections

  • Fixture Selections


PHASE 5 | CONSTRUCTION: Work w/ our Construction Management Team (approx. 10+ months*)

We walk you through the construction of your home w/ site visits at:

  1. Foundation Completion

  2. Framing/Lock up Completion (Pre-Electrical Consult)

  3. Drywall Completion

  4. End of Cabinetry

  5. Flooring

Phase 5.JPG
12920 Glenora 103 - 05.jpg

PHASE 6: MOVE IN: Work w/ our Warranty Team

  • Welcome Home: Possession Day!

  • 10 Year Progressive Home Warranty

  • 1 Year Warranty Anniversary Trade Day


*All timelines are approximate and dependent on project complexity, permit wait times, scope and season. Timelines as outlined are intended to be a general idea of project duration and may be subject to change.


Are you ready to live without compromise?

We believe in honesty and candor at every stage of a project. This begins at the scale of the community. First impressions are crucial and we strive to make a positive impact on neighbours from day one. Living next to construction is less than ideal, this we understand, so we work to make it as painless as possible. From shaking the neighbour’s hand, to being available to answer questions and acting to respond, to tree protection and parking, to cleaning the sidewalks of snow and dirt, we have a good neighbour philosophy.

We also set the bar high when it comes to jobsite cleanliness. It isn’t as simple as keeping a site tidy, it’s an ideology of safety and pride that we implement as a standard. We treat your home as if it was our own at every stage of construction, and hold our trades accountable to do the same. This mantra boils right down to the people who do the work. We hand select our trades people, whom we vet to ensure a standard of professionalism and expertise in their field. We establish long-term trusted relationships to guarantee consistency and quality in workmanship.

From blueprints to moving day, we guide families step-by-step through the journey of designing and building modern infill homes
that are as unique as they are.