Urbis Infill


Introducing Urbis Infill Homes

At the core, we’re a family owned and operated company. Our family has been in Edmonton for over 100 years. We love Edmonton and watching it grow and with our city’s growth comes our exciting announcement of the unveiling of our new brand, Urbis Infill Homes.

Where we live shapes us in ways both obvious and subtle. Our homes host some of the most profound moments of our lives. They are where each day begins and ends, where we let our guard down, where we dare to dream and where we come together as families, friends and communities. The location of our home shapes our lifestyle—the length of our commute, where our kids go to school, whether there’s a farmer’s market or a trail network nearby.

The choice of where to live is one of the most impactful personal decisions we make. That is why Urbis Infill Homes takes such pride in offering homeowners an unparalleled custom home building experience. With so much at stake, we believe people shouldn’t have to compromise — and our proven design and construction process means that they don’t have to.

“We are so excited to announce this new brand and messaging to highlight the level of service, design and quality of house build our incredible team is set up to offer. We strive to be a referral based business, and with Urbis Infill Homes we are only as good as our last project.” – Mike Arndt, Partner

Building custom homes in mature neighborhoods can be complicated. But the choice of partner couldn’t be simpler. With an Urbis Infill Home, people can live without compromise.

Alexandra Carnio